Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

Claire got an early Christmas gift from Hallie (my old boss). She got an Elf on the Shelf. It is an elf that Santa sends every year. This elf will find a place to hide for the day and his job is to watch Claire and make sure she is good. When Claire goes to sleep, the elf then flies back to Santa and reports how she was. When Claire wakes up the next day, the elf is hiding in a different spot. Claire named her elf, Fritz. She actually came up with it herself. Every day she would wake up and be so excited to find Fritz. Thank you Stewarts!!

I can't believe that it is the holidays already. Time flys like crazy. We celebrated Christmas a few days late this year. Sab worked on Christmas day plus his parents were flying in that night so we celebrated on Sunday. It was so nice. On Saturday night, Claire put out cookies and milk for Santa. She didn't want to put out carrots for the reindeer. Poor reindeer. Sab and his dad stayed up late and put together Claires new kitchen set. When Claire woke up on Sunday morning, she walked into the living room to see what Santa had left for her.

Surprisingly, she did not open her kitchen set first even though it was the biggest thing there. When she finally pulled the sheet off, she was so excited. Notice her tongue sticking out. I love this picture.

She took her time opening all her gifts, playing with each one before opening the next. We then sat down for a fantastic turkey dinner compliments of my father in law. So Yummy.

It was so nice having them here. They flew in on Christmas day and left today, New Years Eve. We went to downtown Dallas, went to 2 great restaurants, spend whole days together just relaxing and going to the park. We also went to the Dallas Aquarium. It was great. It was more of a rainforest than an aquarium. We had a great time. The rainforest was wonderful. Claire had so much fun seeing all the animals. She keep saying that she wanted to touch them. Probably not a good idea to touch alligators and monkeys, etc. We are all very sad to see Buni and Bunu (grandma and grandpa in Romanian) leave but all good things must come to an end eventually. That now leaves Sab and I sitting in the living room on New Years Eve, tired, lazy and no where to go. This is when it gets hard to be away from family and friends. We just want everyone to know that we miss you all and hope you have a fun and peaceful New Year.