Friday, November 6, 2009


When we bought this hat it had a huge blue bow on it. She loves to take the bow off and wear the hat. She wears it all the time. It is so funny.

This is Claires first experience with a ducky in the egg. My grandma would always make them for us for breakfast when we slept over. Somehow they were always perfect when she made them. Not so much for me. I cooked them too long. They were still ok to eat but you couldn't dip it. You had to use a spoon to get the egg out. Ooops. Oh well, next time.
Claire figured out how to open the bathroom door. For some reason she can't open any other ones but that is ok with me. There are locks on all the doors so I get paranoid when I see her close it.
We went to this place yesterday called Antz in your Pantz. It is like the Children's Museum in Cleveland but on a much smaller scale. It was fun. They had a room with a kitchen set. I mean a real kitchen set. It had wood cabinets along 2 walls, sink, fridge, stove. It did NOT have microwave though. What kind of kitchen doesnt have a microwave. How are people supposed to cook without one? Hee Hee. I took a video and I am trying to post it but haven't quite figured it out yet. I will post it when I figure it out. Well, time to go shower and start my day. We have story time soon.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Little Tinkerbell


At the Zoo

Fort Worth Zoo


Claire was so excited to go trick or treating. There is no set time here to go out. Everyone waits till it gets dark then goes. There wasn't too many kids it seemed like. I don't get it. FREE CANDY. Claire never actually said Trick or Treat to anyone. Not even a thank you but the smile on her face said it all. We made it down one small street and back. There were police man in there cars passing out candy and glow stick necklaces. So fun. The weather was great. We had to wear a sweater but I can't complain. It is supposed to be in the mid 70's all week. I love it. But looking at everyone else's pictures from Ohio, I miss the leaves that are all over the ground. Fall is my favorite time of year. Leaves are falling here but not so much. I wonder if they fall more later in the season.
On Friday night we went to Grapevine. It is a cute city. They closed down Main St. and have bounce houses and games to play. All Free. The stores all pass out candy. Really neat. They even make kettle corn and give it away Free too. I LOVE TEXAS! I miss everyone and hope you had a great Halloween.

Greatest Mornings Ever

Today Claire woke up exceptionally early because of the time change. Thank god we got a tv for our room. She climbed into our bed and watched tv for a while (probably too long) while we slept. She then decided that she was hungry so she got down and came back a minute later with the whole box of Cheerios. She climbed back into our bed and resumed her tv show. It was so cute. As I type this, we are still sitting in our bed, waiting for Sab who went to go pick up some breakfast which we will then eat in our bed. I think we might just sit here ALL day;) Except for an interview that I have at 4:00. I will try to put up last nights trick or treating pictures later today. Have a GREAT day y'all. (hee hee)