Saturday, February 27, 2010

Here are some pictures of Valentines day. Sab and I went to a valentines party the my MOPS group put together. That is why we are dressed up. We were way over dressed for the event but I am glad. It was nice to actually dress up for once. We hired a baby sitter for the first time. Her name is Elizabeth. She is 19 and Claire totally loved her. She talked about her the whole next day.

Then a few days before Valentines day, the rec center had a family valentines dance. They had appetizers and a dj. It was really nice. The dance floor was filled with balloons and there were dozens of children running around playing with the balloons and dancing. Claire had a ball. She just loves being around other kids. Time for us to have more:) There is also one picture in the mix that Claire has on a head band and lots of makeup. She saw me putting on my makeup and was not happy until I put some on her. She was thrilled.

Here are some pictures of Claires 2nd birthday. I cant believe my baby is 2 already. Where does time go? I made her castle cake all by myself. I was very proud of myself. It actually looked good and tasted good as well. She was so excited to open all of her presents. In the one picture she was eating peanut butter and jelly crackers. She absolutely loves them. She would eat them every day if I let her.

The weather is getting nicer here so we have been spending alot of time at the playground. On the days that it is not so nice, we go to an open gym that has many things for her to play with. There are ALWAYS so many kids her age to play with. She sees someone that she likes and then follows them around. It is kind of cute. She mimics what they do. Then she starts to sing and dance. She is ALWAYS singing and dancing.

Yesterday I woke up around 7:45am. For anyone who knows me, that is sleeping in. Well, I woke up to the sound of Claire playing with a choo choo. She kept saying "Choo Choo Train". I got out of bed and went in her room to see her. Well she wasnt in there. I went into the dining room and there she was at the table with my purse right in front of her and my pack of Big Red gum on the table. Each piece was taken out of the wrapper and made into 3 big balls of gum. She was using those balls of gum as her choo choo train. I had to laugh. I got out the video camera and taped her. Thank god she didnt put any of the gum in her mouth.

Something else she does when Sab and I are sitting (trying) to have a conversation, she sits by us and says "Daddy, talk to me" over and over again until we stop talking and look at her. She is so spoiled but we cant help it because she is so stinking cute.

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